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San Miguel is my happy place!

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1 ON 1  |  OR  Group Retreats with Sibyl English

Imagine... the thrill by bringing together a group of women derserving of an exhilarating journey to lovely San Miguel de Allende, Mexico! Immerse yourselves in a life-altering experience of self-discovery, and transformative self-healing, all guided by Sibyl English

(the consummate guide, facilitator and spiritual life coach).


Drop us a quick email, to include the days, date and number of women in your group.  

You'll receive a response within 24 hours to confirm and lock in your reservation for

a much needed time of renewal and rejuvenation.


Choose your group size and date you want to join me in Mexico

  • Opt for an intimate setting with 4-6 women (Small)

  • Amp up the energy with 7-12 women (Medium)

Email us to get the ball rolling for you and your group? Reach out today with

the date you're looking at

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Spiritual Life Coach (20+ years Experience) –

                                                   2023 Testimonial – JoVon Bosley, Washington State, USA

                                                                I am honored to share the life-changing experience I had with Sibyl English at Sibella                                                                            Circle Healing Center in San Miguel. From the moment I arrived, I could feel the powerful                                                energy surrounding Sibyl.  Initially, I was unsure of what to expect but it became clear that                                                I was exactly where I needed to be. 

                                               Sibyl's anointing as a truth teller became evident as she fearlessly spoke from a place of                                                  love and accountability. Her words carried a depth of wisdom that resonated deep within                                                my soul. But it wasn't just her words that touched me; it was her genuine kindness, love,                                                  and down-to-earth nature that made the experience truly special.

                                                        Throughout our time together, Sibyl effortlessly created a sacred space where I felt safe to                                                explore the depths of my being.  She possessed the remarkable ability to draw out the deepest roots within me, urging me to confront and process the aspects of myself that had long been buried. In moments when I struggled, her unwavering support and presence held me firmly, guiding me through the challenging terrain of self-discovery.

What amazed me most was Sibyl's ability to see me in a way no one ever had before. She saw beyond the surface, peering into the depths of my being, and gently brought my attention to parts of myself that I had never fully embraced. Through her insightful observations and discernment, I experienced a profound awakening.

Sibyl's divine gift of insight and discernment left an indelible mark on my soul. Her ability to listen, record, and playback what was witnessed allowed me to witness my own transformation. With each revelation, I felt a deep

sense of gratitude for the divine guidance that flows through her.

When the time came for me to leave, I knew that I was not the same person who had walked through those doors.

I emerged from my time with Sibyl with a renewed sense of purpose, clarity, and self-awareness. I had shed layers of doubt, fear, and self-limiting beliefs, stepping into the fullness of who I truly am.

I am eternally grateful to Sibyl for her extraordinary gifts, her loving presence, and her unwavering commitment

to my growth and well-being. She has truly touched my life in ways that words cannot adequately express. If you

are seeking a spiritual guide who walks in truth, love, and authenticity, I wholeheartedly recommend Sibyl. Her transformative guidance will empower you to embark on a journey of self-discovery and embrace the fullness of

your own potential.                  ~ JoVon Bosley  ~ Washington State, USA

                                                2023 Testimonial – Pat Henry, North Carolina, USA

                                                      I want to convey what a mind cleansing multiday healing experience I had while                                                                visiting Sibyl's home in beautiful San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. 


                                             To begin with, I never tired of taking in the scenic views on every level of her earth                                                            toned home. I watched the hummingbirds playfully dance from flower to flower                                                                eagerly helping themselves to nectar a plenty. There were lovebirds playing from                                                              branch to branch catching each other by surprise and then racing off together into                                                            the clouds. Seeing nature do its thing right before my eyes everyday made me                                                                  anticipate waking up to catch another glimpse of what goes on unnoticed as I go                                                              about my daily life. I enjoyed a front row seat to the spectacular view each evening                                                            when the sunset put on an amazing colorful picture show as the sun slowly left the sky

                                             and said goodnight, it left my mind feeling full of awe and wonder and thankful to be

in the right place at the right time. This is something that makes me stop and say, hold up, slow down, this is good

for my mind and my soul. I am forever grateful being able to participate uninterrupted in the beauty of nature as it enters my mind and deep in my soul so freely. 

The plants and flowers responding to the atmosphere and the environment giving them exactly what they need to thrive and grow exactly when they need it, was so thrilling to watch, as it made me realize I too can slow down and shed being anxious because, indeed, He gives me what I need when I need it as well, I can trust Him to take care of

me the same way. 

Sibyl provides an environment of ultimate release of negative energy and a natural therapy of positive shifting of your mind. When I let myself be one with the relaxing inside and outside meditation effects it brought pure joy and peace

to my being that I could not imagine feeling apart from experiencing it first hand. Sibyl offered me an experience that

I needed to rejuvenate my mind, body, and soul and I am so happy that I came to her place of pure love, joy and peace without and within. Thank you.                   ~ Pat Henry, North Carolina, USA

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